When Fan Art Goes Wrong (Or Just Really, Really Weird)

Yes! That is Joey Fatone rendered as an angel draped in Christmas lights. You are not having some sort of hallucinogenic reaction to your lunch.

The above angel-Joey image, from this oldie-but-goodie post on Buzzfeed, documenting the most grievous acts of boy band fan art gone wrong, is an illustration (hawhaw) of the fine line between fan and fanatic. Here are a few of the more disturbing, inexplicable and weird artifacts:

Fan-made rendering of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell.

I seriously just spent an hour of my trying to figure out the connection between Littrell and Luke Skywalker's sister. So at the very least, this one was thought provoking.

Other Backstreet pieces from this collection tend to go for the more celestial angle. For instance, Kevin Richardson as a baby-angel:

And the entire group as winged spiritual beings:

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