New Interview: Vampire Weekend On Scott Baio, Oasis Fans, And 'Contra'

You might think the boys in Vampire Weekend would be a little stressed about following up their critically-lauded, self-titled debut. But you'd never know it from watching singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig and bassist Chris Baio glide through this episode of "The 5."

Here, half of Vampire Weekend talks about some things that are true. For example, Chris Baio is the cousin of Scott Baio, who you may know from famous '80s sitcom Charles In Charge, or from the infamous '00s reality show Scott Baio Is 45 And Single.

In the not-true department, while you gotta love the amusing anecdote about playing the very same festival that saw Oasis call it quits, I would like to see some evidence documenting Ezra Koenig's ability to heal hundreds of teenage fans left bereft at the announcement of the Gallagher brothers' break-up.

Koenig and Baio also talk about the meaning (or multiple meanings) behind the name of their new album, Contra, as well as the joys of being a wedding band. Contra is due out January 12th, 2010. Stay tuned for the "Cousins" MTV video premiere on Thursday, November 19.