Song You Need To Know: R. Kelly, 'Pregnant'

Wow, R. Kelly. To invoke a joke from 2005, why can't I quit you? Maybe it's because, despite everything (and I think we all know what that means), you keep coming up with modern art masterpieces like this... this... this ode to reproduction, "Pregnant."

So many bon mots here, it's hard to choose. Kells compares his taste in women to his taste in tequila, meets a girl with an "unbelievable booty" and decides he wants to move with her to a picket-fenced suburb with a dog. There's also a lot of talk about getting said lady pregnant, but I figured you could infer that from the song title. At this point in his career, R. Kelly isn't playing games. He just wants to go Cody Chesnutt on you.

BTW -- and this is also disturbing --  Tyrese, who has a verse of his own on the song, seems to be talking to the exact same girl (though I could be wrong). Either way, bravo, Kells. You have done it again.

+ Listen to R. Kelly's "Pregnant," featuring Tyrese, here.