Bling Battle: Tokio Hotel Vs. Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift's silver-spangled guitar is a signature of the Country Music Award history-maker.

... But, the OUTRAGEOUSLY adorned microphone Bill Kaulitz used during Tokio Hotel's MTV Europe Music Awards last week was over-the-top, even by Lil Jon standards.

Bill Kaulitz's mic, which says "Humanoid," was custom made (obviously), by British designers CrystalRoc, who whipped up two different knuckle duster mics for Bill, using platinum, crystal, and black diamonds for the recession-blind price of about £5000 each -- which comes to about $8,270 or €5,564. Are mics the new neckpieces?

Watch Tokio Hotel perform "World Behind My Wall" from the 2009 MTV Europe Awards to see the fancy mic in action, and decide whose bling is better -- Taylor and her silver guitar or Bill and his diamond mic.