New Video: Demi Lovato, 'Remember December'

According to this MTV News story, Demi Lovato's video for "Remember December" is, in a word, about, "taking control as a girl. It's like girl empowerment. Yeah, divas!" Okay, that's 11 words. But who's counting?

In the "Remember December" video (posted to Demi's Twitter), you can see Demi Lovato's Gaga-esque sequined hoodie in all it's glory. But that's only a smidge of what's going down. Lovato is fully channeling Pat Benatar here. She rocks some very-Gaga studded leather gloves and a biker jacket with Sgt. Pepper shoulders as she directs her band and exorcises some rotten relationship demons. Also  sounds like someone's been listening to some Paramore. It's a full-on pop-punk anthem. Yeah, divas!