Hit Me Satan, One More Time: Britney's Twitter Hacked By Devil Worshipers

Britney Spears' Twitter followers (all 3,756,910 of 'em) are usually treated to relatively tame announcements and insights such as, "Can't wait for ya'll to see my new video tomorrow morning. I think you're really going to like it!"

So it probably came as quite a shock to the system last night when Britney started Tweeting about the dark prince Lucifer, sometimes known as Satan, but best known to his pals and associates as The Devil.

Despite her past run-ins with instability, Britney was not getting her kicks on Route 666. It seems some crafty hacker got into her Twitter account and took the opportunity to give "glory to Satan!"

This was all cleared up by morning, with Le Brit's Twitter page scrubbed of any pentagrams and Illuminati references (you can see all the pagan imagery here). An explanation was posted that stated, "Britney's Twitter account was just hacked. The situation has been resolved and we apologize for any offense the hacker's messages caused." (Phew! That was close!)

Just to be sure, I think it's best if you watch Britney's new video, "3," as well as this rare performance from the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards to see if she's throwing out any subversive messages.