MTV Discover & Download Interview: The Temper Trap

(Credit: MTV/ Kareem Black)

The Temper Trap are a small band with a big sound from down under. We already gave you the buzz on Temper Trap a while back, but here's a refresher course.

Think U2/Coldplay anthems meet Death Cab subtlety. Their song "Sweet Disposition" has been gathering a lot of steam, appearing on (500 Days) Of Summer soundtrack and popping up on TV all over.

In this MTV Discover & Download interview, Temper Trap talks about their humble beginnings, the various permutations of band names they went through (before they settled on The Temper Trap), and the Melbourne, Australia music scene.

You'll also find out more about their "Sweet Disposition," video, the concept for which  revolves around them playing live... in outer space. Boldly go where no man has gone before, and check out The Temper Trap at Discover & Download. And check out "Sweet Disposition" below the interview.

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