Veterans Day Videos With My Chemical Romance, Green Day And More

Today is Veterans Day, and we thought we'd honor those serving (and those who have served) in the armed forces by highlighting some videos that feature characters in the services. And tonight, watch Real World: Brooklyn cast member Ryan Conklin document his second tour of duty on Real World Presents: Return to Duty at 9pm ET.

My Chemical Romance, "The Ghost Of You"

This video, taken from My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, was directed by (500) Days Of Summer's Marc Webb and features Gerard Way and Co. playing as a WWII-era USO band at a dance. Very Memphis Belle.

Green Day, "Wake Me Up When September Comes"

This Green Day power ballad from American Idiot was directed by music video giant Samuel Bayer (the man responsible for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"). In it, Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) and Evan Rachel Wood's love story is violently interrupted and brought tragically to an end when he joins the Army to fight in Iraq.

Angels & Airwaves, "The War"

Never the type of band to shy away from the sweeping, epic or grandiose, Angels & Airwaves "The War" isn't really about a war. Or at least not one that's happened yet. That being said, while the video for "The War," directed by Shilo, takes place in a dystopian, Children-of-Men-esque future and features lots of surveillance and spaceships, Tom DeLonge's lyrics do make oblique reference to WWII's D-Day. A&A will actually be featuring a Civil War plot-line in their feature film, Love (you can watch the trailer here).

Drowning Pool, "Solider"

Drowning Pool's documentary style video for "Soldiers" (which was directed by Lizzie Palmer) is perhaps the most emotionally effective of the lot, if only because it uses authentic images of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The video also served as a call to action for a very worthwhile cause (support for returning soldiers).

3 Doors Down, 'Citizen Soldier'

3 Doors Down's video for "Citizen Soldier" was from their 2007 self-titled album, but also served as an homage/advertisement for the National Guard, with the video depicting the Guard's history and paying tribute to those who have served.