Watch Justin Bieber Spend 48 Hours With Diddy

I don't know if MTV Featured Artist of the Week Justin Bieber has ever seen the Eddie Murphy classic 48 Hours, but he might wanna Netflix that jawn real quick.

This video is pretty much a thank you note. As a form of gratitude for collaborating with him, Diddy shows Bieber and his buddy the time of their lives in an undisclosed location.

Diddy totally comes off like the awesome uncle who spoils you in this funny video, telling Justin Bieber he's going to lace him with a Lambo for his 16th birthday and dangles the promise of a mansion for his 18th birthday.

Funny thing is, Diddy refers to the time he's spending with Bieber as some kind of take on 48 Hours. Now, for those who don't know, 48 Hours basically involves Nick Nolte dragging a handcuffed Murphy through one bar fight after another, ending with a really long shootout.

That is not a good look for the still-teething Bieber! He's hitting the prime of his life, Diddy! No bar fights!