Rihanna Bares Almost All For Her 'Hard' Cover Art

Rihanna is really, really back. If I may, I'd like to invoke a phrase popularized (if not invented) by the great American poet, Black Rob: "Like whoa."

Initially, when the visual motif surrounding Rihanna's Rated R began rolling out it was dark, it was film noir, it was post-war Berlin, it was lots of scarves and eye patches and trench coats.

But as Rihanna's singles have begun trickling out, and the each of those singles have gotten their own cover art, you may have noticed something: Rihanna seems to be losing layers of clothing at an alarming rate.

First there was the "Russian Roulette" art, in which Rihanna was dressed primarily in black masking tape. And now we get the art for her new, Young Jeezy-assisted banger, "Hard," in which she's wearing even less.

The heart flutters at what this lady is gonna dress up (and I use "dress" rather loosely) next.