MTV Album Leak: John Mayer, 'Battle Studies'

When thinking of a word that describes John Mayer's fourth album, Battle Studies, the first one that jumps to mind is "transparency." Not only is Battle Studies full of the sort of confessional, emotionally transparent songs we've come to expect from Mayer, but the album's creation itself was a transparent process.

Mayer frequently updated his frequently amusing Twitter (@johncmayer) with Twitpics and info about the recording process of Battle Studies; letting fans in on everything from the construction of the studio to the selection of the cover art.

So it's only fitting that, in the spirit of transparency, Battle Studies is now available in its entirety, a week before its November 17th release.

Head on over to MTV's The Leak and listen to the delicate pop and crunching blues rock of John Mayer's new album, -- including his Taylor Swift duet, "Half of My Heart." It's there for all to hear. And, as a bonus, you watch the video for the album's first single, "Who Says" below.