New Video: Sliimy, 'Womanizer'

Sliimy's version of Britney Spears' "Womanizer" has been something of a calling card for the quirky French pop singer. While his Paint Your Face album has plenty to recommend about it -- lovely singing, lush arrangements, and off-kilter melodies -- Sliimy's still best known for his unique, lilting cover of Britney's kiss-off to a bad boy. So it's only fitting that the video for his "Womanizer" cover, which Sliimy posted to his Myspace, is as idiosyncratic and original as the performance itself.

Sliimy had a series of Los Angeles denziens hold paper cut-outs of him, syncing the stop-motion mannerisms to the song. The result is something incredibly slick, while still retaining a homemade feel. Not unlike Sliimy's music.