Song You Need To Know Now: Lady Gaga, 'Dance In The Dark'

As Lady Gaga's The Fame: Monster's official release date looms on the horizon (the re-issue of Gaga' 2008 album, peppered with new tracks is due on November 23rd), it's only natural (given the way things are these days) that bits and pieces will start leaking.

We've already consumed and processed "Bad Romance," a reunion of Gaga and her go-to producer RedOne ("Poker Face," "Just Dance"). Now we get "Dance In The Dark, produced by Fernando Garibay (who's worked with Britney and Will.I.Am).

I am no Nostradamus/Amazing Kreskin, but this joint has "batten down the hatches; we've got a hit" written all over it. It's got a crunching techno beat with rough keys draped all over it. But more importantly it's got one of those patented Lady Gaga mantra-style hooks (especially the pre-chorus chant of "She's a mess/She's a mess/She's a mess")

+ Listen to Lady Gaga's "Dance In The Dark," and get ready to hear a lot more of it.