5 Sketches We Want To See Taylor Swift Do On Saturday Night Live

While we're wrist deep into a pint of ice cream, napping off the working week, Taylor Swift will be GRINDING. Girl is pulling double duty at Saturday Night Live this week as both host and musical guest.

It's been quite a year for Taylor. She and the writers will have plenty of material to mine for sketches. It sounds like she's down for whatever, so here's 5 skits we'd love to see happen.

Kanye: It's going to happen, one way or another. There have been incessant rumors that West will appear (possibly as a co-musical guest, possibly in a skit lampooning their VMA meltdown). Swift has already (somewhat coldly) mocked the whole thing in the below promo with Bill Hader.

Penelope: Swift told MTV News  that she was a big fan of Kristen Wiig's pathological one-upper. How great would it be to see Wiig saying, "Yeaaaaaah, I dated allllll the Jonas Brothers...when they were born...they were all my boyfriends. Yeaaaaaaah."

GIlly: Another great Wiig creation. Seeing Swift deal with the deranged troublemaker would be too much.

MaGruber: Not so much for the inevitable explosion that ends all MacGruber sktits. But I'm sure Taylor would have fun both with adventure-wear fashions and the manic comedy of Will Forte's character.

Boyfriends: Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of mileage out of writing not-so complimentary songs about her ex-boyfriends. It would be great if SNL could come up with a way to turn the tables. Maybe a sketch about all her boyfriends writing about her? Or maybe what would happen if Taylor met the perfect man? What would she write about?