The Buzz On: Amanda Blank

It would be easy to just peg Amanda Blank as a raunch-rapper; a purveyor of sex-crazed rhymes in the vein of Lil' Kim or Trina, shot through an electro-indie prism. But there's a lot more going on here.

Blank is a Philly native who came up through the same eclectic scene that helped produced artists like Diplo and Spank Rock (both of whom she's collaborated with on her debut album I Love You).

While their certainly is a lot of NC-17 material on her album, the more interesting aspect is the way in which she delivers it. Blank's flow is super-tight; she has control over the kinetic electronic beats that she raps on. And she's not at all one-dimensional; some of her stuff veers towards feisty electro-rock in the vein of Le Tigre.

Check out Blank's video for "Might Like You Better" below. And if you like what you hear, vote for her in the mtvU Woodie Awards. She's nominated for Left Field Woodie!