WTH? Joss Stone Basically Calls The Jonas Brothers Liars On The MTV EMA Red Carpet

Ohhhhh Joss Stone. When you're a host of a live show or a red carpet, it's kinda your JOB to be super NICE to people. And not... you know... call them liars? Which is actually what happened when she asked Kevin Jonas if the Jonas Brothers planned on partying after the MTV Europe Music Awards in celebration of  Kevin's 22nd birthday.

Kevin Jonas innocuously told Joss that no, the Jonas Brothers would NOT be poppin' bottles with models after the MTV EMAs because they're off to Italy to do a show. But Joss and MTV Germany's Joko Winterscheidt wouldn't take no for an answer, and awkward host banter ensued while the Jonas Brothers stayed diplomatic, but you could tell they were probably suppressing clenched teeth and an eye roll. Nick Jonas kinda wears an expression that sorta suggests "Is this real life?" (à la "David at the Dentist") -- the kind of expression one does when reality-meets-surreality on live international TV.

If I were the Jonas Brothers, I would've totally pulled out my Blackberry and started pretend-texting until the nails-on-a-chalkboard moment was over. (But then again, I hate confrontation.) The end of the clip is great, as Joe Jonas is kiiiiiinda-sorta like "Nah, really, I'm good."