Meet Lady Gaga's My Little Pony!

(Credit: Mari Kasurinen, World Of Wonder via Buzzfeed)

Finland; cold, stoic, home of the Whooper Swan. It's also the home of Mari Kasurinen, artist and visionary. What does this modern art master do? What is her mode of expression? Mari Karsurinen specializes in My Little Ponies, people.

Behold: the My Little Gaga (found on World Of Wonder via Buzzfeed). It's Lady Gaga... as a My Little Pony. Kasurinen has rendered several popular culture icons as My Little Ponies, including Princess Leia, Edward Scissorhands, and the alien from, well, Alien.

I doubt Lady Gaga would take any offense to being represented this way. If anything she's probably just annoyed that she can't throw one of these into the super deluxe version of The Fame: Monster. (Or can she?)