New Video: Thursday, 'Circuits Of Fever'

It's the question on the tip of everyone's tongue. No, not, "How will Lost end?" It's, "What happened to Thursday?!"

You remember Geoff Rickly and the boys, right? After the success of their Full Collapse album, they were supposed to be emo's big hope, dragging the sub-genre, kicking and screaming (naturally), into the arena to stay.

Things didn't go according to plan, Thursday didn't become the American Radiohead, and the New Jersey band wound up splitting with their major label and going underground (again). But their true-blue fans held on, and so did Thursday, which brings us to "Circuits Of Fever" (from their forthcoming Common Existence album). It's an impressionistic video for a rather shoe-gazer-ish song. The swirling atmospherics match the flashing imagery, and the rhythm is perfectly synced with the random pieces of machinery featured in the video. Welcome back, dudes!