The Buzz On: Ke$ha

Ke$ha is a bad girl gone worse. Last night's makeup and glitter still liberally applied to her face, she's putting off the morning after by charging right into the next night.

Ke$ha (real name Kesha Sebert) is a California girl. With a musical family, she was probably bound to wind up on stage and in front of the camera but, credit to her, her rise has been hard-earned.

Before going to work on her debut album (due out next year), Ke$ha could be heard singing background vocals for Britney, Miley and The Veronicas and turning up in her pal Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" video.

Now she's on her own, and by the looks of the video for her debut single, "Tik Tok," she plays as hard as it works. It's a down-and-dirty electro jam with Auto-Tune flirtations. Check out Ke$sha's "Tik Tok" video below, and watch Ke$ha's live MTV UK video performance.