Bad Hair Flashback: Bringing Justin Timberlake's Frosted Tips Back

You can't be cool all your life. Take it from someone who knows. I may seem like a young Paul Newman now, but there was a time when I was not such a paragon of coolness. My high school yearbook picture features me, with my arms up in the air at Epcot Center wearing Skidz.

So I can identify with Justin Timberlake. My man has had some fashion disasters and some bad hair days. Look, nobody can be in the public eye that long and not screw up from time to time. But that's not gonna stop me from calling him out on some of his hairstyle choices, as highlighted on this Justin Timberlake fan forum.

So many things wrong here: the pirate-hoop-earring, the curly fro, the curly fro with the frosted tips (FROSTED TIPS), and last (but very, very much least) THE R. KELLY/ TOM KAULITZ CORNROWS. And other old-school looks at Justin Timberlake.

Let us bow our heads, and pray that those days never come to pass again (or that Jessica Biel never sees these photos).

+ More old-school Justin Timberlake pix after the jump.