Mariah Carey's Virtual Christmas Yule Log -- What You've Always Wanted For Christmas But Were Too Afraid To Ask For!

You know me (you don't know me, really, but you know me, you know), I always have the terms, "Mariah + Carey" and "Christmas" on my Google Alerts. So imagine the rush of blood to the head I felt when I was hipped to the existence of this revolution in holiday Mimi merchandising.

Introducing Mariah Carey A Traditional Christmas, Christmas Classics-Yule Edition. Now when I first glanced at this, I thought, "Hark, the herald angels REALLY DO sing!" Mariah went and trumped Lady Gaga's super deluxe edition of The Fame: Monster (lock of hair included), BY THROWING A DAMN YULE LOG IN A BOX WITH THE REISSUE OF HER HOLIDAY LP.

But, hark, I was wrong. But it's still awesome because Ms. Glitter is warming up your Christmas with a virtual yule log. The DVD fire burns while Mariah's holiday standards warm your soul.

Watch a preview of Mariah's yule log burning -- it's Mariah with extra fiyah.