Is Rihanna's 'Hard' The New 'Umbrella'?

Rihanna's new record, "Hard," is leaking like the pipes in a third-floor walk-up apartment. Even Rihanna herself isn't immune to the piracy that haunts the airwaves these days. And maybe that explains the eye patch she's rocking in the newly released "Wait Your Turn" video off Rated R (watch it below.) It's very Captain Jack Sparrow-meets-Marlene Dietrich, no?

Anywho, "Hard." It's produced by two of everyone's favorites, the radio killers Tricky Stewart and The Dream. In a recent interview on, Stewart said, "We delivered a very, very big record, but I can’t say what the name of it is or anything, just for the simple fact that it’s actually top secret."

Well, loose lips sink ships and loose singles get leaked, dog. According to Stewart, who describes "Hard" as a monster, this will be his and Dream's only contribution to the album (much like "Umbrella" was their sole contribution to Good Girl Gone Bad).

Rihanna's "Hard" is well...hard. It's got a slight reggae vibe, with some incredible percussion and a really top-drawer verse from Young Jeezy.

+ Listen to "Hard" right here. Will it be bigger than "Umbrella"? Can anything be bigger than "Umbrella"? Let us know what you think in the comments!