New Video: Behind The Scenes Of Cobra Starship's 'Hot Mess'

God bless Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta. He might be the only member of a key-tar-wielding band who can get away with the lyric, 'I'm gonna make you my boo,' all while rocking a pencil mustache and dressing up as an electric company worker.

All that and more appears to be going down in this video, a behind the scenes look at Cobra's forthcoming video for "Hot Mess" (the second single from Cobra's album of the same name).

Personally, I hope the Con Ed jumpsuits the band's wearing are an homage to the scene in Ghostbusters II when Egon and Ray discover the river of slime beneath New York City, but I digress.

Not only can you catch the full "Hot Mess" video this weekend, when it debuts on November 8th, but you can hear it anytime you tune in to the new MTV reality show, Styl'D (because it's the theme song, you stylistas).