Exclusive New MTV Photos Of Tokio Hotel And Tom Kaulitz

(Credit: Michael Greenberg, MTV)

Want new photos of Tokio Hotel? Is the Pope roundly Catholic? Are you a carbon-based life form? Have you watched Tokio Hotel's "Automatic" performance and backstage footage from It's On With Alexa Chung 18 times alone JUST TODAY? Answers to all of the aforementioned questions: YES! Check out this brand-new MTV-exclusive photo of Tokio Hotel, taken at MTV on October 19, and, after the jump, there's a brand-new MTV photo of Tom Kaulitz that I'm confident you'll like. Stay tuned for more exclusive photos of Tokio Hotel from MTV and to see Tokio Hotel answer your Buzzworthy fan questions. And don't miss Buzzworthy's live coverage of Tokio Hotel on the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards on Thursday, November 5.