Which Shakira Video Is Sexiest? 'Did It Again' Or 'She Wolf'?

Soooo.... Shakira. I am looking at your two latest videos -- the already classic "She Wolf" and the newly released "Did It Again"-- and I am wearing my trope-detector, and I am detecting some tropes.

One: Shakira likes Sapphic spas. She also like floor exercises. That's not a euphemism. I mean she seems to really dig some Shawn Johnson/Nadia Comaneci-style tumbling.

Two: Shakira likes to take said floor exercises and other sorts of gymnastics and whatever and take it to the bedroom, be it literally (as in the new clip) or metaphorically (as in the sustained writhing of "She Wolf").

Now I feel weird saying this out loud (so thank God I'm just writing it on the Internet) but I suppose I find "She Wolf" a bit more alluring. I know the obvious reason is right there for all to see: she is doing suggestive moves in a flesh-colored body suit...in a cage!!!). BUT! I gotta say, I am not a fan of the Parkour-as-foreplay thing going on in the "Did It Again" video. What's that all about? Love him or leave him alone, 'Kira. But you don't have to do somersaults and leg-sweeps. That's beyond playing hard to get.

Which Shakira video do ye, the readers find more alluring? Settle this national debate in the comments!