The Buzz On: Paper Route

A couple of weeks ago we hollered and crowed about The Swellers, a searing pop-punk act on tour with Paramore. Well, here's another example of Hayley & The Gang's good taste: Paper Route.

Hailing from Paramore's home turf of Nashville, Paper Route, who released their album, Absence, earlier this year, have a muscular rock sound that's nicely embellished with swaths of keys and assorted electronic instrumentation, calling to mind The Cure and New Order.

They have a slightly more over-the-top-bordering-on-goth feel, which might appeal to Paramore's latent goth streak (which was on display in their Twilight soundtrack jam, "Decode").

You can catch Paper Route out on the road with Paramore through the 11th of November.

+ Watch Paper Route's video, "Carousel."