Steal Lady Gaga And Adam Lambert's Style With Doe Deere's Makeup Tutorial

Bold, bright makeup looks -- like Lady Gaga's baby pink lipstick, the spring green eyeshadow Adam Lambert rocks on the cover of his For Your Entertainment album cover or the statement-making dramatic deep-dark makeup choices Rihanna makes -- are a fun way to play with color, especially as winter rolls in. But neon looks aren't always easy to achieve. So I called on Doe Deere (that's her above), who's a model, musician, and owner of makeup line Lime Crime.

Doe Deere's constructed an entire modern-day Rainbow Brite universe of unicorns, cupcakes, candy, and cats (not to mention science!) So she's just the perfect person to show you how to properly apply crazy-bright, highly pigmented fluorescent lipsticks and shadows to get the perfect Gaga/ Lambert/ Rihanna/ pick your popstar look.