Who Wants A Lock Of Lady Gaga's Hair?

From the annals of absurdity in consumerism, let us know turn our attention to the forthcoming super deluxe edition of Lady Gaga's The Fame: Monster.

What's super about it? Well, there are eight new jams included, including the new single, "Bad Romance." That would go under the definition of super, I suppose. But what's deluxe?

Oh Gaga -- who just tapped Semi Precious Weapons to open for her Monster Ball Tourhanded Adam Lambert a song for his new album, For Your Entertainment, and who'll appear on an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl -- Gaga's got deluxe. Included in the $100 package is a book (of Gaga), a Gaga paper doll, some photos, 3D glasses, and a lock of Lady Gaga's hair. Hmm. I will be super-deluxe interested to know how that works out. Gaga's got a lot of fans who are probably willing to shell out $100 for her hair. (Though it is cheaper than jewelry made out of hair.) If there are enough Gaga fans out there unscathed by the credit crunch, Lady could find herself going all Cassie/ Britney soon. The Fame: Monster drops November 23rd.