New Video: Leona Lewis, 'Happy'

UGH. I'm STILL SO MAD that someone PUNCHED SWEET, ANGELIC LEONA LEWIS. I'mma borrow one from Katy Perry, who reacted thusly when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift: "It's like you stepped on a kitten." Leona Lewis is a sweet lamb of a human being. And NO ONE deserves to slapped, except for maybe the balloon boy's father because he has such a douchey haircut. (And what kind of a name is Heene anyway? One that rhymes with WEENIE, actually. Ha!)

Anyway, here Leona Lewis just made a song (with the help of Ryan Tedder) about just WANTING TO BE HAPPY, and it's about how she can't even get the guy she's secretly in love with, and then she has to go watch him get married to some chick, and then SOMEONE HITS her? She's JUST TRYING TO BE HAPPY. GARRRH. I'M SO ANGRY I COULD BREAK MY MACBOOK AIR!

Okay. Strong Britney. Watch Leona Lewis' "Happy" video -- directed by Jake Nava ("Single Ladies," "She Wolf," "If U Seek Amy") -- off her upcoming album, Echo.