How To Make The Ultimate Lady Gaga Halloween Costume!

Dollars to donuts this year the streets will be swarming with DIY Lady Gagas this Halloween. Dressing up like the "Bad Romance" singer for Halloween this year is like dressing up like Sarah Palin was last year, except Lady Gaga actually brings us joy.

So, if you're in the market to dress up like Lady Gaga -- specifically Lady Gaga in the red lace see-through outfit she wore to the 2009 VMAs -- and you're sitting there in an entangled mess of red lace and don't know what to do or how the eff to make a crown, you're in luck. The genius crafty folk at ThreadBanger did all figuring-it-out work for you so you can create your Lady Gaga Halloween costume with relative ease in under four hours. (Me? Like, Flyleaf, I prefer the "sack of trash" garbage bag with armholes costume because I'm lazy.) But ThreadBanger's step-by-step Gaga costume tutorial is almost as amazing as Gaga herself. (Via -- and check out "Attack Of The Show"'s Kevin Pereira in Lady Gaga's orbit outfit, which he got at Ross Dress for Less. Ross! Who knew?) Also, if you're thinking of dressing up in this busted Michael Jackson mask, don't.