New Tokio Hotel Interview: Bill And Tom Kaulitz Talk About School Sucking

Bill and Tom Kaulitz have made no attempt to hide the fact that school wasn't exactly their favorite place on earth, even though they won an award for distance learning, proving that sometimes smart people flourish outside of the classroom too. And I know a lot of you Tokio Hotel fans out there can relate. (But stay in school, okay? I didn't love school that much either, but I stuck with it, and LOOK AT ME NOW, MA! I GOT A JOB WRITING ABOUT TOKIO HOTEL!)

Anyway, I wanted to know if Bill and Tom had any advice for Tokio Hotel fans who are just trying to survive the school day -- so they can get home and listen to Humanoid and check Buzzworthy for Tokio updates (Yay! Enjoy this one!)

Tokio Hotel are real dudes and can see through a lot of media training 101 bull s++t a lot of artists automatically dish out. So when I asked Bill and Tom Kaulitz about how to get through school, Bill's response was totally straight-up and real about it: "Just close your eyes and do it... But it's always bad."

If you were expecting a canned, shiny, Miss America "save the world" response, Bill and Tom Kaulitz didn't give you one, but their answer was completely real, and whether or not they want to be role models, their fans look up to them. Their answer only made me respect them as down-to-earth guys even more.