The Buzz On: Oh No Not Stereo

(Credit: Melissa Young)

Don't let that name throw you, Skyler and Mykul have nothing against stereos; Oh No Not Stereo is more of a brush to the haters. It seems some L.A.-ers doubted the ambitions of a "live duo" holding its own as a full-blown rock band... The "stereo" also references Skyler's partial hearing loss due to an ATV accident when he was 11. (Yikes. 11-year-olds on ATVs? ...sounds like some Nitro Circus s**t.)

But ONNS is hearing something just fine -- and they actually rounded out the duo in '07 with a bassist and second guitarist. And after taking in their video, "Let's Get It Started," with its melody-driven rock goodness from 2009 album, 003, we just wish we had caught onto the Oh No sooner.

Skyler, Mykul and crew will tour with Hit The Lights at the end of October, but coolest of all? The group's entire repertoire (all the way back to the 001 album) is up for free download on the ONNS site up until the end of the tour.