New Interview: Jason Derulo On Egging Cars And Homemade Costumes

Jason Derulo will be taking his widescreen R&B tracks like "Whatcha Say" on the road with Lady Gaga in December and January. So that leaves him plenty of time to soak up the sights and sounds of Halloween in advance.

In this episode of "Halloween Horrors," Derulo recalls some Fright Night's of yesteryear. Now, one of Derulo's favorite Halloween memories is apparently the time he, "egged one of my enemies' cars." Now, this is just my opinion, but do you really have enemies when you're young? That seems a bit severe.

Mom: "How was your day, Timmy?"

Kid: "Oh, just dealing with my enemies."

In other Halloween news, Jason once usually was forced into a the D.I.Y. realm when it came to costumes; going one year as Pillow Case Man. Also, he's on "Team Liquorice Sucks" with We The Kings.