Adam Lambert Hooks Up With A Naked Girl In 'Details' Magazine

(Credit: Alexei Hay, Details)

No, straight girls, it's not "Time for Miracles." Adam Lambert didn't wake up straight this morning. He's just messing around with a naked lady in his steamy hetero (???) shoot for the November 2009 issue of Details magazine. In the Lambert-tastic issue, Adam discusses coming out, and getting depressed in 2006, after the end of his first relationship in 2006.

"I got out of my first relationship, and I was kinda downward–spirally," he says. "I was destructive... just numbing myself out." He started partying at nightclubs like Hyde and sleeping around a bit—or as he describes it, "being a slutbag." He was also drinking, "smoking a s**t ton of weed," and doing coke. "It was everywhere," he says. "And I'm not gonna lie, I had some fun, but it's never worth it the next couple of days physically."

The totally honest Adam Lambert is the Adam Lambert I absolutely love. And I love that he's not afraid of his power over hopelessly obsessed women who could care less if he's gay. But is his very George Michael-in-"Father Figure" (um, ahem) girl-focused Details photo shoot a subtle backpedaling into the closet?

Obviously he's role-playing, and clearly there's FAR more to Adam Lambert than his sexuality (that talent! THE HAIR! and, seriously, the nice-guy factor), but why can't we just Adam Lambert be gay? What's up with the chicks when we all know Adam Lambert's into, well... something that isn't that girl...

Check out more photos of Adam Lambert in Details after the jump. And what's your take on Adam's Details photos?