New Interview: Tokio Hotel On Robots And Sex Tapes

Last year I interviewed Tokio Hotel around Halloween, and I brought them Halloween candy.

This year, I wanted to change things up a little bit, so I brought Tokio Hotel some Halloween toys, props, and costumes -- police sunglasses, temporary tattoos, a neon yellow clip-in hair extension in case anyone wanted to quickly make a hairstyle change on the go, some Twilight conversation hearts, and an old-tymey wind-up toy robot as an "Automatic"-ish present. (Get it?) Well, it turns out the robot basically had a mind of its own and almost commandeered the interview. Thankfully Bill and Tom jumped in and used their Humanoid powers, if you will, to stop the robot and save the Buzzworthy Blog interview. No, this isn't Tokio Hotel fan fic. I swear I'm not making this up. I ACTUALLY HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH TOKIO HOTEL AND A REAL ROBOT.

Watch the first part of MTV Buzzworthy Blog's exclusive Tokio Hotel interview to watch Tokio Hotel open their Halloween presents and answer question #1 -- What's one thing you've never been caught on camera doing? Tokio's answer: "We don't have a sex tape." (Good answer, boys!)