Song You Need To Know Now: Lady Gaga, 'Bad Romance'

Earlier this month Lady Gaga's new single, "Bad Romance" leaked, much to the chagrin of the dance-pop queen. It wasn't that Gaga was sweating lost sales (never that), it's just that Gaga, audiophile, headphone designer that she is, didn't care for the leak's audio quality.

Now the real version of "Bad Romance" has hit the Internet and radiowaves. And it's a banger. Produced by RedOne (who produced "Poker Face" and "LoveGame"), this one has her syncopated stutter-vocals (a la "Poker...") and a hard dance beat that falls right in line with all her previous floor-fillers.

"Bad Romance" is a new song slated to be tacked on to the re-release of Gaga's breakthrough album, The Fame, titled The Fame Monster, due out November 24th. You can hear "Bad Romance" here. And be sure to check to check out Gaga's site for info on her upcoming Monster Ball Tour.