New Video: John Mayer, 'Who Says'

To borrow a phrase from the always awesome Crunk & Disorderly blog, why won't you let John Mayer be great? This video for "Who Says," from the Mayer's forthcoming Battle Studies LP, is basically the J-Crew equivalent Birdman's "Money To Blow" clip.

We view Mayer's life Soderbergh style; all jumpy cuts and handheld looks inside a life. And what a life! I mean, really, between you, me and the Internet: I WANT THIS DUDE'S LIFE.

Dinner at Blue Ribbon? Why don't you have the steak with a side of steak, and oh yeah, IT'S ON ME. What a mensch! John Mayer is basically saying, 'This is how I roll. Roll with it.'

Sure, there might be some early morning melancholy to deal with, but when is there not some melancholy to deal with when you're up at that hour? And you know what, if I was a sleek guitar expert who could entertain myself with a little 5 A.M lullaby then I would be a totally balanced person. This song is saying, 'We're all free to be you and me.' You do you, John.