The Buzz On: The Franks

The Franks are an adorably self-conscious punk rock trio from the streets of L.A. They know they're loud, and they know they're snotty, and they don't seem to care very much. Often times such brazen disrespect for authority and institutions can be galling to upright citizens like myself and, no doubt, the readers of this blog. But in the case of The Franks, it's pretty endearing.

Frontman/guitarist Jean Don't (sweeeeeeeet name) is a snotty little Repo Man searching and destroying all that he surveys. On their debut EP, Un, released in February of this year, Don't and eff-things-up partners-in-crime Mimi Malone and Ron Ray Gunn kick out the three-chord jams and the bad attitude -- perfect for the theme song to MTV's Pranked.

The thing that makes this more than run-of-the-mill punk-rock dress-up is that The Franks actually have the songwriting chops to balance out the copious amounts of attitude.

Watch The Franks kick up some dust in their "Neon Politik" video below.