MTV Discover & Download: Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea started making music in her Florida bedroom by throwing stuff at the wall and using whatever stuck. She's a product of (YouTube) channel surfing; flicking from old-school No Doubt-esque alt-pop to the dancey fun of Katy Perry.

She first made her name performing originals and covers in her home and broadcasting to the widest audience possible (the internets), in the hopes that someone would sit up and take notice. And boy did they. One major label record contract later (thanks to Capitol Records) and an eclectic, super fun debut album in the can (Jukebox), Renea is bringing her homegrown charm to the mainstream.

Check out her DIY take on Cassie's Me & U as well as her video for her first official single, "Dollhouse." And be sure to head on over to the Discover & Download page to get an MP3 of "Dollhouse" in your life.