New Video: Pink, 'I Don't Believe You'

Oh, Pink. Only happy when it rains. I gotta say, there are two different ways to deal with wedding day heartbreak. There's the Katy Perry way, as seen in "Hot 'N' Cold" (all choreographed dancing, and runaway-groom chasing) and there's the Pink way, as seen in this video for "I Don't Believe You," the sixth single from Funhouse.

In this impressionistic clip, directed by legendary music vid auteur Sophie Muller (Blur's "Song 2," No Doubt's "Don't Speak"), Pink is trapped inside of an old movie, set in an empty church where love once blossomed. Well, needless to say, love don't live here anymore; and there's lotsa running around, crying and staring into mirrors to prove it.