New Interview: Say Anything On Summer Camp, Graphic Novels, And Two Tongues

You may be saying to yourself, "Self, why is Max Bemis, singer/songwriter of one of my most beloved bands, Say Anything, whose self-titled new album drops November, 3, FYI, participating in this edition of Buzzworthy's "The 5"? Why, Self, would a man so prone to lacerating self-examination via his music feel the need to divulge any more unknown secrets about himself to the world?'

My answer, after chastising you for talking to yourself too much, would be that, "you may think you know, but you have no idea." And you would probably look at me funny for quoting VH1's Behind The Music tagline, and then I would clarify by saying "The 5" is for those factoids you usually don't get from regular interviews. Such as? Such as Say Anything's early days playing NOFX songs at Jewish summer camp! See? Plus, find out more about Max's graphic novel obsession, his side project band, Two Tongues, and watch "Hate Everyone." Again.