Submit Your Buzzworthy Fan Questions For TOKIO HOTEL!

Unless you've been enjoying an active career as a cave dweller then you're already well aware that TOKIO HOTEL IS MAKING THEIR NOBLE RETURN TO MTV. (I think I already saw a few of you camped outside in the rain!)

Tokio Hotel be here this Monday, October 19, when they'll be the guests of honor and perform live on an all-new episode of It's On With Alexa Chung.

And what would a Tokio trip to MTV be without BUZZWORTHY FAN QUESTIONS? Got questions for Bill, Tom, Gustav, and/or Georg? Make 'em good ones (generally I'm a pretty nice person, but I WILL make fun of you if I read comments like "Are Bill and Tom related?") and leave your questions in the comments below!

Need some question-submitting inspiration? Watch parts three -- in which Tom wants to spend the night with Jessica Alba -- and part four (where Bill eats the gummi rat!) of Buzzworthy's Tokio Hotel fan interviews from last year. And watch part 1 and part 2!