The Buzz On: The Swellers

Hey, golf claps for Paramore. Their new album, Brand New Eyes, debuted at No. 2, and they apparently have really good taste, because they chose a smoking band to open for them on their Brand New Eyes tour.

The Swellers, a Fueled By Ramen-signed band, are from Michigan, and they adept at Tearing. It. Up. For an up-and-coming band they've got a lived-in, robust, buzzsaw sound that will surely fill up all the space at the larger venues Paramore are about to play.

The Swellers' latest album, the topically titled Ups And Downsizing, says, "welcome to the working week, it sucks.'" It's full of songs about the desperation of everyday life and features some really crunching skills. Think Alkaline Trio, but madder and less miserable. You can listen to all sorts of raging punk-pop jams at The Swellers' MySpace, and be sure to show up early to catch them with Hayley and the guys this fall.

+ Watch The Swellers' "Fire Away" video.