New Video: Shinedown, 'If You Only Knew'

In this video for their song, "If You Only Knew," from their Sound Of Madness album, the dudes in Shinedown get a little high and get a little low. It's a melancholy song about regret and loss, though the video features some rather death defying acts.

Singer Brent Smith especially seems pretty blase about the fact that he is clearly dozens of stories above the New York streets below, swinging around construction beams while he sings about the hole in his heart and his desire to go on living besides.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there are also some ghosts involved here; some wandering souls writing letters and plucking the petals (as you do when you're a ghost), but I could very well be wrong. It could just be an impromptu, flash mob in an unfinished skyscraper!