New Photos: Britney Spears On The Set Of Her '3' Video

UPDATE: Check out even MORE exclusive photos of Britney Spears on the set of her "3" video.

(Credit: GSI Media)

(Credit: GSI Media)

Britney Spears' brand-new single, "3" -- from her upcoming The Singles Collection, due out on November 24 -- shot to the No.1 spot of the Billboard 100 yesterday. And now Britney's keeping us guessing what the "3" video will look like, revealing only a few shots from the "3" video set.

Check out the photos she posted on, and tell me what you think "3" will feel like -- "Womanizer"? Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" video? Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"? Oh... wait... I'm talking to hardcore Britney fans... So, the correct answer is... it'll look like nothing Britney's ever done before, right?

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