Video Premiere: Jason Derulo, 'Whatcha Say'

Jason Derulo, you've got yourself a problem. Your girl caught you cheating, and but you don't want her to leave you. Risk-adverse types might point out that you should've thought about that before you snuck off with What's Her Name. (And WHAT IS HER NAME, anyway, Jason Derulo?)

But when you're a talented young multi-hyphenate (singer/songwriter and actor/dancer in Jason Derulo's case), you rework an Imogen Heap song, throw some AutoTune polish on it, you sink to the ground, and you plead your case from the gut like in the brand-new video for Jason Derulo's smash hit, "Whatcha Say."

Watch the MTV premiere of Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" video, directed by Bernard Gourley.