The Buzz On: Josh Golden... And His Appeal To Miley Cyrus' Deleted Twitter

Young St. Lunatic (holler at Nelly), Josh Golden might look like a Tiger Beat pinup (crossed with Adam Lambert and Kevin Jonas), but beneath that perfectly messy mop is a genuine singer-songwriter threat.

Golden, who earlier this year released his self-titled debut at the ripe ol' age of 14, makes sugar-rush power pop with an edge that belies his years and genre: His songs are far more dynamic than what you usually get from a lot of teen rookies and helps dispel the stereotype that teen pop is all cheese, no meat. Plus, Josh Golden's got a great sense of humor as evidenced by his musical plea for Miley Cyrus to come back to Twitter. Watch it below, and check out songs from his debut album streaming at Josh Golden's MySpace. And follow him on Twitter at @Joshgoldenmusic.