New Video: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 'Pen & Paper'

Wow, talk about not judging a flannel shirt by the faint smell of light beer wafting off of it! The dudes in The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are looking grungier than a bunch Soundgarden roadies in this new video for "Pen & Paper" (from their album The Lonely Road).

Based on the beards and long hair and headbanging going on, you'd never guess these dudes to be the sensitive thug types. You'd think they'd be crushing beer cans against their foreheads or getting tattoos or taking part in other dangerous and subversive activities.

But no! They are too busy tearing up the pages of a scrapbook! Aww! Later in the video there's some archery but, frankly, it's a little late in the game to start acting like Ted Nugent, no?