Kanye West Drops Pastelle Fashion Line Like It's (Not) Hot

Welcome to Bummertown, population: Kanye West. How does the world not love him, let us count the ways.

Ever since the "Heartless" one interrupted teen queen Taylor Swift's moment of VMA glory he's really caught a bad one. First, his highly anticipated (if hard to imagine going off without a hitch) tour with Lady Gaga got canceled (we investigate like 60 Minutes here).

Then, after some erratic behavior had been reported here and there (and on, um... TMZ), Kanye skipped out on the BET Awards. The show, which was taped this past weekend, would've seemed like a logical place to find West, who was nominated for nine awards, but he was a no-show.

Now, in the wake of rumors that Yeezy has jetted off to India to find himself, dude's clothing line has been discontinued. His Pastelle line will apparently never see the light of day. (Or, it'll just haunt some dusty TJ Maxx racks.) Here's hoping for happier days for the dude. Despite what you might think of his personality/public displays of speech-making, he's still a much-needed voice out there in pop.