Watch This: Hotspur's 'Chandelier' Video

America's housing crisis is apparently rock's gain. In this clip for their track "Chandelier" (from their album, You Should Know Better By Now), Washington D.C. band Hotspur break into one of the country's countless abandoned McMansions and get down with it.

The central image of the very Fall-Out-Boy-along song -- a girl is the chandelier, and singer Joe Mach was the floor -- suggested some serious light show (perhaps in the vein of Weezer's lamp-tastic "El Scorcho" vid), but alas the lighting is fairly pedestrian.

As things unfold, it turns out this is no ordinary crib; no, this is a lady's house. A lady who seems to have kicked Mach in the ticker. All manner of nostalgia and heartache goes on full display as the band plays on.

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